Flora Isom-Marion
Founder & Makeup Artist

The inspiration for Enhancements Makeup & Beauty Lounge concept came to Flora when Ashley booked makeup application services for a wedding party without her consent. Although very upset, attending graduate school, and not feeling as though they were ready, the pictures of the bride became viral and the calls started pouring in. This pushed her to finally begin pursuing a lifelong dream. She fell in love with applying makeup to friends while in high school. As she became the “eyebrow arching queen”, requests for her services began to grow while in college and on to adulthood. She began to notice the inspiration that a makeup application had on enhancing one’s character, and the desire to enhance others grew stronger. Born and raised in the small town of Holly Springs, MS, there was never a place, locally, where women could relax and be pampered while being enhanced for that special day. The opportunity of a lifetime to live her dream while serving others and bringing growth to her community was a purpose worth pursuing. She is the artist that encourages her clients to step outside the box to reach that level of confidence that they have always wanted.

Ashley Isom-Barksdale
Co-Founder & Makeup Artist

Makeup became a passion for Ashley at the age of 9. As she watched Flora apply makeup to herself and others, Ashley could not wait to be old enough to wear it. As she grew into womanhood, her passion for makeup grew as well. She began performing makeup application services to young girls for proms and graduations and noticed the tremendous impact it had on their confidence and self-esteem. The turning point to pursue makeup professionally came about when she was approached by a young lady in a department store who admired her makeup and wanted to hire Ashley to enhance her wedding party. Without thinking, she immediately booked the event and called Flora. Ashley is the artist that puts great effort in helping clients boost their self-confidence while embracing their inner beauty through makeup.

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